Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Updated Blog Design in Lieu of Sleep

Okay, so...

I was going to be a good little Paleo girl (for once) and actually... get my rest! *gasp*

The plan was to go to bed earlier than usual, actually get as close to 8+ hours as possible (most-likely even an entire 8!) and wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of energy to work out, cook, clean, and move some furniture around with the fam' to get ready for a Friday furniture delivery (me and my cousin are getting bunk beds... dorky at my age, and yet I am excited!)

And yet, I opted instead to make my blog a little prettier:

I both love and hate the choices I make, sometimes. But I'm happy with the changes that I made... it looks a little more like  REAL blog now! Haha. I have this little "Share this" thing, and the layout is a little more nicer...

I even have a "Related posts..." and now my little Twitter widget matches the actual color scheme of my blog! Yay!

So... I'm happy. :)

And now I get to sleep!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Non-Paleo Potato-y Snack

Not a TOTAL Paleo snack (depending on who you ask), but better than a piece of toast or a cupcake, and I was totally feeling some plain potato chips tonight. :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Some Pumpkin Pie Left! (This really should have been Tweeted and not Blogged LOL)

There's some pumpkin pie left! Gosh it's good... and grain-free! :)

Healthy & Yummy Christmas Dinner

Tonight's Christmas dinner was so yum! Gluten-free, low carb (with the exception of potato), and low sugar. Completely grain-free. :)

Unfortunately... no pictures! We pretty much devoured the food before I got the chance. Lol.

Another holiday dinner made by me without too much failure... the chocolate on the strawberries was a bit too bitter, but otherwise I'm very happy and proud of myself! Thanks to my mom for throwing the salad together, and to my cousin for helping me with tasks like washing and cutting things, making the crust for the pie, and listening to me whine. ;)

Here's the menu:

For dinner:

  • Smokey Roast Beef with red and white onions (Instead of ground chipotle, I used this McCormick seasoning)
  • Baked Potatoes (Wrap potatoes in foil and baked until middles are soft)
  • Broccoli and Spinach with Blanched Almond Slivers in Cheese Sauce (Melt cheeses of choice in a saucepan with a bit of heavy cream, some butter, sour cream, and a bit of water to thin it out. Add some black pepper and paprika to taste. Saute vegetables in shallow pan with oil of choice and add almonds at the last minute. Drizzle the cheese sauce on top of the veggies on your plate.)
  • Bacon-Wrapped Persimmons (Minus the skewers, and cut into fourths instead of eighths)
  • Romaine Salad with Red Cabbage and Red Onions (Just cut everything up and tossed together)
  • Low-Sugar Sparkling Punch (50% less sugar juices mixed with water, ginger ale, and lemon and lime juice. Add a few packets of Truvia or NuNaturals NuStevia for more sweetness if necessary)

And for dessert:

Now, the family's spread out on their various techno-gadgets (Mom on the computer, Dad watching TV, me sort of watching TV and on my computer, my cousin's on her computer, and my brother's on his PS3)... thank God for food bringing us close together for a holiday moment, though! :P

Again, Merry Christmas, and thank you Jesus for being our savior... and thank you the myth of Santa for presents... Lol. And oh boy, I can't wait to go shopping tomorrow with my holiday monies :D

Finally, TASTY grain-free pancakes!

Merry Christmas everbody! Mmm... for Christmas breakfast I tried a new grain-free pancake recipe from Comfy Belly and LOVED IT! so did my dad. we ate them with pure maple syrup, pork sausage links, and eggs! I will post the link later when I get on a computer, but for now, enjoy the picture! (I need a better camera, lol)

EDIT: added the link to the recipe! Head on over to Comfy Belly for some delicious pancakes! :)

Comfy Belly's picture is much more enticing, I think. :P

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Coupon Code / My Birthday Cake

I've been a customer of for a while now, and after my most recent purchase I was reminded of my personalized coupon code... I almost forgot I had it! The coupon is for newcomers, and saves you $5.00 off of your first purchase. is an awesome online grocer that carries a lot of rare, hard to find, and alternative foods like erythritol, gluten-free flours, coconut oil, etc... as well as other things like hair care products -- I've found this place to be the most inexpensive for Aubrey Organics conditioners. And you can also find all kinds of other trinkets there, like vitamins, and even stuff for your pets.

So, for anybody interested in trying it out, please use the coupon code QAN505 for your first order and spare yourself five bucks! You'll also be helping me out, because everytime the coupon code is used, I earn rewards towards my own future grocery purchases.

Yay! :)


In other news... MY BIRTHDAY IS TODAY! December 21! Yay! :) I made my own birthday cake last night to make sure that it was gluten free and sugar free (thanks to my cousin for being my kitchen assistant!) and will be icing it later today after I get some sleep! Well, actually more like "frosting it" as I'm going to be making a buttercream frosting, not an icing. :D I'm not really sure what the difference is, except that frosting is softer and creamier.

The recipe I'm using is the same chocolate cake recipe that I used before, via Healthy Indulgences. This time I mixed it differently -- last time I put everything into the blender to mix, but this time, I only used the blender for the first half, and used a hand mixer for the rest of the process. Also, I am adding a little bit of xanthan gum to both the cake and the frosting in hopes that it will help stabilize the erythritol and prevent it from crystallizing.

We'll see how it looks and tastes later today, after the frosting process! :)


And, just for fun, my holiday/birthday wish list:
A girl (and film student) can dream :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Break Time! / Cine Final

YES! I am officially done with school... for this quarter, anyhow. :)

This means... more cooking! Whee~

I regret not having time to cook that much this past quarter, and I'm excited to have all this time on my hands. Low carb, refined-sugar-free, virtually grain-free, mostly paleo recipes..... I LOVE YOU. And I can't wait to make more of you~

In fact, I think I'll cook some yummy things tonight. ;)


Oh yes, and here is the final project I did for my cinematography class... it is based on the visual aesthetics of the "Tears in Rain" scene from the film Blade Runner.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Too Timid to say "No?" / Dinner at my place

In my last blog post, I stated that I am never going back to wheat. This statement still rings true, and I am convicted to living a gluten/wheat-free, low carb/grain, and low sugar life. I want to eat as paleo as possible and keep my body healthy, and work on becoming more fit and getting down to my goal weight.

All of these things in my immediate life are controlled. I know what to do when I'm at home, and I know what to do when I'm eating out. All of this is no problem... until I step into somebody else's home.

Do you ever feel too timid to insist your own personal eating habits on someone?

Today I was talking to my dad about my day yesterday, and I realized something. I am a film student, and this weekend is full of production finals. Yesterday I helped out two different classmates on two different sets. On the first set, my classmate could only afford to feed us Mcdonald's. I didn't want to be rude and make a fuss, so that is what I ate. On the second set, there was an even larger group of people, and pizza was the go-to food (quick, simple, affordable). On this set however, my classmate was aware of my eating restrictions and offered to buy alternative food. I felt like I was being a burden and told him that it would be "okay." He insisted, asking me if I was sure. I gave him the go-ahead, and trivialized my own health problems in order to make the situation easier and more comfortable... for him, for the rest of the group, and to push uncomfortable attention off of me.

I recounted this to my dad, and I realized something... what if I had an eating restriction with IMMEDIATE negative repercussions? What if I was deathly allergic to peanuts or shellfish? Would I be too timid to say "no" in that situation? Absolutely not. So why was I tripping over my own feet in regards to wheat?

As someone who suffers from gluten-intolerance, I cannot let guilt get in the way of my insisting alternative food accommodations. The negative health impact that gluten has for some people might not be as obviously apparent or immediately detrimental as someone with a peanut or shellfish allergy, but it is still there. It is still damaging.

I realized that, although my convictions are strong in my home and when I eat out... they aren't so developed for when I eat at someone's house. However, just like I learned how to control my eating environment at home, and my environment in restaurants and in drive-thrus... I also have to learn (and practice, practice, practice) how to control my eating environment in somebody else's home.

For anybody reading this that suffers from gluten-intolerance or celiac disease, please remember this when you are eating at a person's house:

- You are NOT a burden on your host
- You CAN insist on eating something different
- Your eating restrictions are JUST as important as someone with a peanut allergy
- Don't be shy for choosing your health, and please DO speak up.

And if your host asks if you are sure and insists... by all means take their offer for face value!


So that was yesterday. Today, however, I am filming my cinematography final at my house and therefore will be in control of the food. Yay. :)

For dinner there will be barbecue chicken drumsticks, salad, and quinoa cornbread. I'll also be having some "normal snacks" like potato chips, corn cheese curls, and soda to offer to my cast and crew, but still keep it gluten-friendly at least.

Can't wait for tonight... I will be attempting to aesthetically recreate the "Tears in Rain" scene from Blade Runner... hope it ends up looking great!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Thanksgiving, Weight-loss, & Wheat Belly

Wow it's been a long while since my last update! Truth be told, I was doing pretty well for a while. However, I ended up lapsing into some SAD eating habits. And by sad I mean not only the "Standard American Diet," but also pathetic & bad!

For a couple months I started eating wheat and sugar again, in much-too-high quantities. Actually, as far as wheat and gluten are concerned, ANY quantity is bad.

But I digress.

Basically, if ever I doubted the negative effects of wheat before... I surely solidified the facts through personal experience. When I was Paleo and Anti-Candida for 3 months, I lost 20 pounds, my scalp problems were rapidly improving, and I never needed to take any asthma medicine. My skin and overall mood and energy improved, as did my stomach problems. I was steadily regaining my health!

Then came my 2 month lapse through the last part of September, until the middle of November. I tried to eat as Paleo as possible, but was at a friend's house where his parents had bought me a steak sandwich before I arrived. I didn't want to be rude -- they went through all that trouble to have something for me to eat before I even arrived! I had explained my diet to my friend previously, and he tried to explain to his parents, but they didn't really understand. And so, rather than offend them, I ate the steak sandwich.

Dear God, I was an addict getting that very first taste of heaven after abstaining for so long. After that, it was a milkshake "just this once" with oreos (because no milkshake is complete without crack's cousin, wheat, right?) And then a grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread because -- whole grain wheat can't REALLY be all THAT bad if the government says to eat lots of it, right? The addictive properties of wheat, further perpetuated by its federal endorsement and inaccurate health-hype gave me excuses to start incorporating the gruesome grain back into my diet again.

And you know what happened? I gained 14 pounds, going from 233.8 pounds to 247.8 pounds. In only about TWO MONTHS!

Not only that, but my skin and scalp problems came back, worse than ever, and my asthma was especially bad. All of the problems I was having pushed me towards re-evaluating my nutrition again, but especially the asthma. Not being able to breathe well was really, really scary, and none of my medicine was helping to relieve my symptoms. Feeling that I needed extra encouragement beyond paleo and low-carb/sugar-free blogs, I ordered two books off of -- The Paleo Solution and Wheat Belly. I started reading Wheat Belly, and it made all the difference.

When Thanksgiving week arrived, I decided to give it all up for good and went cold turkey (or, as the book Wheat Belly puts it "cold noodle") and gave up the ugly grain, thanks to some extra encouragement from Wheat Belly.

I cooked an entirely gluten-free, refined-sugar free feast for my parents and siblings. Since my re-start, I've been completely gluten-free, low-carb, mostly paleo since Thanksgiving week... and I'm already down to 237.8 pounds. 10 pounds lost, just like that. I haven't even exercised since the day before Thanksgiving. My only change was cutting out the wheat!

Now that I've experienced the before and after... and the before and after, I'm never going back! I now truly see first-hand the effects wheat has had on my body, inside and out. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Throw Away Your Splenda/Sucralose!

Don't be this guy D:

If ever you had any doubts about whether or not Splenda (aka: Sucralose) is bad for your health... you won't have any doubts now.

Or, at least, I hope you won't.

I read a blog post over at Good Works Wellness, and it just further solidifies the evilness of Splenda/Sucralose, and why I never use it.

Unfortunately, my parents still use the stuff, but I'm hoping that after I regurgitate some of this information to them, they'll stop and join me in using Stevia, Erythritol, and Truvia (which is a blend of the previous two).

Here's some of what I read:
I'm often asked which artificial sweeteners I prefer. The answer, quite simply, is none of them because most create a wide variety of negative side effects. The newest, Splenda (Sucralose), has its own dangerous history and set of dangerous consequences. The chemical name is Sucralose, which is marketed as Splenda. I use both names in this post. Let's look at some surprising facts about Sucralose:

History & Testing: Sucralose was discovered by a grad student in London in 1976 while working on a study focused on creasing new INSECTICIDES. That's right. Splenda was "accidentally" discovered as part of a research study focused on creating new insecticides. (On a side note, DDT, a poison now banned, has a very similar chemical structure to Sucralose. Doesn't that sound delicious?) McNeil Nutritionals, the manufacturer of Splenda, claims that 100s of studies were done on Splenda. The truth is that most of those studies were designed and paid for by McNeil (which puts their validity in question) and that almost all the studies were performed on animals, were very short term, and did not test safety but instead tested secondary effects such as tooth decay. The truth is that only six human studies were conducted, the longest of which was three months. (Most people use Splenda far longer.) 

NO studies have been conducted on children or pregnant women, in spite of the fact that studies performed on rats showed the offspring of pregnant females fed Splenda had decreased intelligence, smaller sexual organs, failed to thrive and had a variety of behavioral problems. Independent human studies showed Splenda impaired liver function, caused enlarged kidneys and liver, decreased the number of red blood cells in the blood (caused anemia), impaired absorption of essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium, and caused significant shrinkage of the Thymus gland, one of the most important glands involved in immunity. Splenda has also been strongly linked to psychological problems including dementia, severe depression and sleep disorders. Splenda has also been linked to increased rates of autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Diabetes and others. The most common side effect of Splenda is digestive disturbances such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Increased cataract rates were also noted. The biggest insult is that use of Splenda has been linked to ... you guessed it ... weight gain. An independent study performed at Duke University and published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health confirmed that use of Splenda causes weight gain and multiple digestive disorders, some with symptoms as severe as Crohn's Disease. If you haven't thrown away your box of Splenda yet, please read on.
(Continue reading at Good Works Wellness...)

Monday, September 05, 2011

Gotta Love Those Upward Spirals

It's all upwards from here, baby.

Yay, I reached my goal last week of 235, and things are only getting better! Well, with my nutrition and fitness things are great. HOWEVER... still gotta work on the sleeping. It's 5:33AM at the moment, and I still haven't slept yet. Not sure why I'm suffering from such strong insomnia lately, but I hope it goes away soon! I'll have to really examine the cause. Hmm...

But yes! You gotta love upward spirals. :) They just keep going, and going, and going...

Hope to reach my goal of 230 by the end of this week! And hopefully I'll try out a new recipe to post. The last recipe I tried from someone else's recipe was a mock sugar-free pay-day candy, but it only turned out so-so. The last recipe I made from my own wacky trials was a sort of sugar-free ice cream/frozen yogurt treat. It was... kinda gross. It was yummy in theory... and kinda icky in application.

Well, 'til next time~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Oh, Plateau. But no wonder why I'm here...

So, I've been pretty disappointed lately. Not to mention stressed out. It really started from stress, which built into not-so-great food choices, which led to disappointment. This started about 2 weeks ago. Since then, although my overall eating has been very healthy and Paleo-conscious and Candida-conscious, a small percentage of my food choices were not very good. Like rice, fries, cheddar, corn chips, sugar, and wheat. Wait, did I just say that?! I did. They were not huge quantities, and they were spread out over the course of 2 weeks, but regardless, these were some BAD choices! Especially for somebody fighting Candida!

I had been doing so very well, and literally had no cravings at all... even while eating these things. I ate them because I was out, about, hungry, and stressed. There was also a point where I ran out of my food staples and had to dip into the "regular food" that my mom buys, ie: rice. They were also like bits of comfort food. Horrible bits of faux comfort food, really. Because truly comforting food is food that nourishes, cleanses, and takes care of you, not food that hurts you.

I was so ashamed of the cheats that I refrained from blogging. I didn't want to talk about all the good eating I was doing without addressing the bad, and I just didn't want to talk about the bad.

But I have no excuses for a while now! I've stocked up on some groceries that should last a while, thanks to the stores around my area as well as and I'm especially fired up to turn this somewhat downward spiral into an upward one because I finally hit my plateau!

I lost a lot of weight in the past couple months, and my body has basically leveled off. Then, because of consuming carbs, sugar, and gluten, my belly has been having some issues. I've been bloating, feeling sluggish, and gained 4 pounds. So my goal right now is to burn those pounds back away where they came from, and then some.

I'm still on track! I just took a little detour. :) But still lighter than I was a couple months ago, and happy about that!

And now, besides the weightloss, I really need to focus on my gut health!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tonight's Dinner: Thai Red & Green Curry

Tonight's dinner was delicious, thanks to Everyday Paleo!

I tried out one of Sarah's curry recipes... Thai Green Curry, to be exact. Well, except mine was more Thai Green & Red Curry, since I used both green and red Thai curry pastes. And, rather than put in mushrooms (I can't eat any fungi while fighting Candida), I put in some broccoli and zucchini to substitute.

It was so good!

Check out the recipe on the original recipe page (partially shown below)

Friday, August 05, 2011

Curried Meatballs and Zuchgetti in Curry Sauce

Tonight's dinner was DEE-LISH.

I admit that shopping for the ingredients was rather frustrating, because I was hungry, tired, and just darn impatient. Apologies to my dad who followed me around as I stewed. But, hey, we're both happy now, with yummy curried meatballs and zuchgetti in our bellies. :)

For the curried meatballs and the curry sauce, I used a recipe from Everyday Paleo, and for the zuchgetti (using boiled zucchinni strips, instead of spaghetti), I used my somewhat-trustworthy own judgement. ;) I just made the zucchini strips using a mandoline, and boiled them in a pot of water with some sea salt and freshly-ground pepper.

I sort of over-boiled the zucchini, but hey--still good!

So, here's what you'll need for this recipe:

- Ground Beef
- Red Onion
- Apple
- Egg
- Curry Powder
- Sea Salt
- Black Pepper
- Coconut Oil
- Garlic
- Tomato Paste
- Chicken Broth

Honey is listed as optional, but I excluded it, and it was still fabulous. :)

For the full curried meatball and curry sauce recipes, head over to Everyday Paleo!

(Wish I had a picture, but I ate everything super fast...)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Candida & Corn Chips?

I'm averaging anywhere from about 2-5 meals/snacks a day. The days where I only get 2 is definitely not intentional, and only happens when I wake up too late and throw off my morning eating schedule. I've definitely been increasing to a more consistent 4-5 meals/snacks a day after my near-fainting fiasco this past Saturday. But lately, my after-dinner snack seems to be blue corn chips. There are about 17 grams of carbs per 13 chips, and I eat about half the amount of chips. They're all natural and gluten-free, and only contain blue corn and salt.

However, I wonder if they're good for someone suffering from Candidiasis?

I know from various research that corn itself is not good for Candida, and neither are other foods high in carbs or sugars. But, these chips contain no added sugar, and if I only eat half a serving, that's only about 8.5 grams of carbs.

I haven't been feeling too bad after eating them, and sometimes I eat them with a stick of mozzarella cheese, since it's allowable on an Anti-Candida diet. But, I probably went a tad bit overboard this week, because I've had the same snack a few days in a row. Tonight I ate them with a bit of all natural ham lunchmeat. It was like rekindling the experience of eating a sandwich. Mmmm... And boy do I miss sandwiches.

But, alas, I need to find something else to indulge in for my last meal of the day. A meal that consists of foods that I know for SURE are allowable on an Anti-Candida diet, without any room for doubt. But, since I eat a lot of plain vegetables and protein throughout the day, I guess I just want some more flavor at night...

It looks like I'll have to get going on some more recipe-creating. :)

Donuts! Well, More Like Do-NOTs. (Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free)

I found this gluten-free, sugar-free donut recipe over at Sugar-Free Low Carb Recipes and was pretty excited to try them! I made several modifications, though... and then couldn't remember if I added the correct amount of coconut flour, so I added a bit more of it. I'm thinking maybe I really didn't add enough coconut flour, because my creation turned out a bit eggy.

Notice I said "creation" and not "donut" or "donuts." I say "creation" because what I baked is so not a donut! Haha. But it's still tasty. :)

It looks like this. The brown stuff at the top are nutmeg, allspice, & cinnamon.

Here are the differences between the original recipe and mine:

The original recipe calls for:

½ cup coconut flour
¼ cup unsweetened dried shredded coconut
¼ cup granular erythritol
¼ teaspoon stevia extract powder
¼ teaspoon sea salt
¼ teaspoon baking soda
6 eggs
½ cup coconut oil
¼ cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

I pretty much followed the recipe, except these modifications:

- Less coconut flour (by accident)
- NO shredded coconut (makes my mouth & throat itch)
- Less stevia extract
- soymilk instead of almond milk, because we ran out of almond
- Added almond extract and lemon extract
- Added ground nutmeg, ground allspice, and ground cinnamon

After I mixed everything (dry ingredients first, then wet), I noticed that the coconut oil was super chunky and just wouldn't mix/blend into the batter. I'm thinking maybe I should have melted it a bit in the microwave, but this was my first time ever using coconut oil, and I didn't really think about it. I thought maybe it would melt after I mixed it around a bit. :( I'm thinking maybe the eggs kept it too cold?

After I "mixed" it I poured the batter into a bread pan, because I didn't have a donut pan. I was actually going to pour the batter into little muffin pans, but because there were so many chunks of coconut oil, I wanted the batter to all be in one thing, rather than have a disproportionate amount of coconut oil chunks in separate cups. So, I popped my creation into the oven (about 20~25 minutes at 350 degrees), hoping that maybe the heat would help the coconut oil melt and settle all around.

I just took it out of the oven about a half hour ago, and while it was still warm, tasted a bit of it. It was spongy and tasted eggy, but it was good! Tasty, flavorful, and not bad.

Next time I make it, though, I'm going to pay better attention to how much of what I put in. I'll also take out an egg or two, and use almond milk. I still like the added flavor of the spices and extracts, so I'll keep those in. And I'm going to use an actual donut pan!

Oh, I also omitted the homemade frosting from the original post, because I like donuts the best plain. But... I guess this is more of an All-Spice Bread? Hmm...

But really, after tasting it again, the problem seems to be exclusively egg-related. So less egg, and making sure I have the correct amount of coconut flour should lead to a better result. :) But like I said... still tasty!

Can't wait to eat it for breakfast. :3

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Health, Fitness, Fashion, & Asian Dramas

I have been experimenting with the title of my blog, and changed it to "Health, Fitness, Fashion, & Asian Dramas" because it seems to encompass more of what I will probably actually talk about. :3

I'm really into losing weight, and being healthy, and trying new recipes & workouts. And I'm also super into fashion & style (not so much with "names" and more with the aesthetic aspects) and And I'm also super into Asian entertainment. :3

So yeah~ Now my blog is called "Health, Fitness, Fashion, & Asian Dramas"

But the web address is still (a melding of two nicknames I use a lot: Roseywinter & Winterrose) <3

Netflix, Korean Dramas, and My Princess (마이 프린세스)

Usually whenever I peruse through the Korean foreign language section of Netflix's Watch Instantly section, I find a bunch of dark grunge movies, or creepy horror movies. For some reason, Netflix must think that Korean entertainment is all about horror, gore, and dark, psychological turmoil. Maybe to a more niche foreign audience, it is. But in Korea, it's all about variety shows, live music shows, and dramas. Thankfully, dramas have been becoming increasingly popular among the rest of the world over the years, thanks to websites like:

At these sites, you can watch Korean, and other Asian tv shows, for free.

But recently it seems as though Netflix might possibly be catching on to what REAL Korean entertainment is all about (and, for that matter, how appealing instant watching really is). Well, very slowly, and in a small way... because they actually have an entire THREE more modern dramas added to the Korean section of Watch Instantly! Wow! These new additions are: 


And that's pretty much it for the more modern, non-weird Korean media that you can find on Netflix.

I'm hoping that they add a lot more, including variety shows. Because, as upset as I may be with Netflix changing their plans and raising their rates, I would actually feel as though I was getting my money's worth if they put up more things I actually want to watch. Plus, I would be able to watch Korean shows with my mom and cousin, who pretty much only watch Korean entertainment.

But, for now, it looks like I'll be able to watch 3 Korean dramas on Netflix... while the other countless dramas will continue to be watched at my other, more reliable Asian streaming media sites. :)

Oh, and what am I currently watching? Well, a LOT of things, actually. I watch several series at once, but the last episode I watched was an episode of My Princess. Check it out on Netflix, if you can. And, if you don't have Netflix, feel free to watch My Princess at :3

Roseywinter's Recently Clipped 07/31/2011

Some things I clipped recently for My Polyvore. The items are from &

Lazy Weekend & Sick Saturday

This weekend has been a pretty lazy one for me. I haven't officially started any homework yet (What?! But class is tomorrow!) And I haven't been to the grocery store at all... gasp!

Usually on the weekends (Fri-Sun), I help my dad get around town, and we carry out his errands, as well as mine. We usually stop by Whole Foods and/or Trader Joe's and pick up some much-needed mainstays, or new ingredients to try out new gluten-free, sugar-free dishes. But not this weekend!

Maybe it's all the changes my body has been going through lately, but I've been getting pretty insomniac lately. Well, that combined with the added appeal of Star Trek: Voyager marathons via Netflix with my dad until the wee hours of the night. Insomnia and Voyager go hand-in-hand with me. :)

So, because I stay up late, and my body always self-adjusts to a full 8 hours of sleep, my body overcompensates, and just sleeps in later, which means I keep waking up in the afternoon. Then, I'm tired and sluggish... sometimes too tired to get a hearty meal into me. All I wanted were small niblets of food this weekend... and I paid for it on Saturday!

Friday, July 29, 2011

CHOCOLATE CAKE with Black Beans... Yup (gluten-free, sugar-free)

So, now that I'm eating gluten-free and sugar-free (and a whole bunch of other "frees"), I've been cooking and baking a whole lot more. It's challenging, yet fun, and super rewarding... mentally, emotionally, and physically. My latest attempt just so happens to also be my latest accomplishment, thanks to a recipe I got from the Healthy Indulgences blog, entitled "Healthy Chocolate Cake With A Secret."

That "secret" just so happens to be... BEANS! Black beans, to be exact. I know, I know. It sounds weird, right? But don't dismiss the idea, just yet! I was pretty skeptical too, but after perusing through all of the COMMENTS (over 200 comments!) on the original post, I was convinced that this would actually be quite delicious.... and it was! :)

I can definitely say that it's not only comparable to wheat flour cake... but BETTER. That's right, I said it... IT WAS BETTER.

So, here's what you'll need (variations and other substitutions can be found at the ORIGINAL BLOG POST):

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anti-Candida Diet: Getting Healthy & Losing Weight

July 20, 2011 @

So, after doing a bunch of research on some symptoms I've been having, and then further researching the diagnosis (and reading several people's personal experiences), I've come to conclude that I have Candida overgrowth.

Candida is a type of yeast found in everybody's gut, and it aids in digestion. However, for a lot of people, depending on their diet and health, they can suffer Candida overgrowth. When candida overgrows, the environment in your gut becomes unbalanced. You can get leaky gut syndrome (from when the candida perforates your intestines), as well as psoriasis, itchy skin, irritability and mood swings, intense sugar cravings, headaches and shaking and/or cold sweats when hungry, dizzyness, and a whole bunch of other things.

There's no easy pill (but to be honest, no pill is easy--or even healthy) or medicine for this. Candida overgrowth (also known as Candidiasis) is a condition that can only be fixed with a combination of healthy lifestyle practices, lowering stress levels, and a drastic change in diet.

And boy do I mean drastic.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Still Here, Just Not Tracking Much

Friday, July 01, 2011 @

So, I'm still a participating member of, but I'm just not tracking that much! :3 Mainly because I'm eating more fresh produce that's hard to track, as far as how many leafs of lettuce, or cups of tomatoes, or pieces of mushroom... etc. And sometimes when I try to track these things, it ends up giving me more stress, rather than helping me calm down & relax... and it's just not worth the stress.

It's especially stressful when, say, I eat 3 pieces of cashews... and then I try to convert those three pieces into ounces or cups or teaspoons or tablespoons in order to conform to whatever measurement is available via the tracker.

So... I'll probably start listing what I eat in the foods section in more loose terms.

Same goes for exercise. :)

All in all, I'm just listening to my body, and using my brain & researching health & fitness, etc, as always!

I've also recently started to eat more organic & natural foods, and trying to keep more commercially grown produce and preservatives, etc... out of my diet.

Can't wait to see how much more healthy, fit, and lighter I am by the end of this month! :3

Friday, June 10, 2011

Finals Week, yay?

Friday, June 10, 2011 @

Next week is finals week, & I have projects to work on & a test to study for...

Stressing out, because I have a lot of "catch up" to play, but I think I'll make it.

I've been super duper tired lately, though, and that's worrying me too. :( I usually wake up early and go to sleep early, but have had to nap to supplement. And for the last 2 or 3 days, I've been finding myself sleeping in a few hours too much, and feeling utterly sluggish all day long.

It's pretty frustrating, because I have a lot of work to do, and can't seem to just focus & muster up the energy & get it done. Instead, I find myself sitting or lying down too much, or browsing the internet in "low brain capacity" mode. :(

I'm hoping I can get a good amount of work done Saturday morning, because Thursday and Friday were mostly unproductive in regards to school. I did pretty good on house/family things. It's just so hard to find energy for it ALL, I guess.


A reminder to myself of what I have to do, because I'm neurotic & worry a lot & always need to list to calm my nerves:

By Monday:
- Write notes for Photoshop exam
- Create 90 second promo video for Advanced Editing

By Tuesday:
- Create a professional-quality DVD menu (including behind the scenes, director's commentary, subtitles, foreign language track, chapters, custom overlay buttons, and transition elements) and put in professional case with a designed cover

By Wednesday:
- Complete 30 pages of the beginning of my screenplay
- Complete a powerpoint presentation, outlining all of the (major?) scenes of my movie
- Write a 1 page PSA script about a fellow classmate

Monday, June 06, 2011

ate a big mac today & vomited. but not because of the big mac.

Monday, June 06, 2011 @

in the middle of my 5:30-9:30pm class started to feel really, really sick. queasy, nauseous, disoriented, and light headed. somewhat delirious, EXTREMELY tired and exhausted, and a very slight heartburn type of feel in my stomach & throat.

i fell in and out of sleep in class, and kept drinking water... but just kept feeling more nauseous. i was really restless, and felt hungry, as well.

while taking my classmate home, she wanted to stop by mcdonald's and for some reason i felt like i should get a sandwich to eat, so i ordered a big mac. i ate it on the drive home and it definitely helped me feel a little better.

i still feel sick... somewhat lightheaded, still nauseous... but the nausea is a little better now, because after i got home i vomited.

i'm continuing to drink some water while digesting the food. i'm going to try to take some of my nighttime vitamins, and hopefully will keep them down.

as soon as i feel as though the food has settled enough, i'm hitting the sack. it's 9:39PM right now (left class early around 8~ish, because the sickness was just too much), and i really want to be in bed by 9:45 or 9:50...

i'm so exhausted, and really don't feel right. :(

oddly enough, this all happened after the 1/2 pb&j and doritos i ate... so it might be a combination of that particular food, plus the fact that i ate it after a very prolonged hunger? i don't even know... i feel like crap though. -__-

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Too Long............... BUT NEVER AGAIN!

Saturday, June 04, 2011 @

It's pretty bold for me to be saying "never again!"

But I'm saying it!

I've stayed away from my Spark for MUCH TOO LONG & I'm not doing it again. I can't!

When I was active at spark, I lost 20 whole pounds, and was the way to losing more... but then I started to get discouraged, and frustrated with having to track my food.

But you know what? Tracking my food was also really fun, because I was able to see exactly what I was eating, and what I lacked, and where I went over. And it's pretty much the ONLY thing that helped me lose weight... tracking my food and fitness. Not only did it hold me accountable, but it painted an over-all picture of my deficits and my excess.

Without Spark, trying to lose weight is nearly impossible, because everything is pretty much just a guess. And with all these guesses come insecurities and stress... and with all the insecurities and stress come improper eating, anxiety, and exhaustion. :( Not good at all!

And I ended up gaining more weight, which is what I DON'T want.


I'm a Spark girl for life... I have been since I started. But NOW I need to be a CONSISTENT and FREQUENT Spark girl for life. :)

Let's do this~

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