Sunday, July 31, 2011

Netflix, Korean Dramas, and My Princess (마이 프린세스)

Usually whenever I peruse through the Korean foreign language section of Netflix's Watch Instantly section, I find a bunch of dark grunge movies, or creepy horror movies. For some reason, Netflix must think that Korean entertainment is all about horror, gore, and dark, psychological turmoil. Maybe to a more niche foreign audience, it is. But in Korea, it's all about variety shows, live music shows, and dramas. Thankfully, dramas have been becoming increasingly popular among the rest of the world over the years, thanks to websites like:

At these sites, you can watch Korean, and other Asian tv shows, for free.

But recently it seems as though Netflix might possibly be catching on to what REAL Korean entertainment is all about (and, for that matter, how appealing instant watching really is). Well, very slowly, and in a small way... because they actually have an entire THREE more modern dramas added to the Korean section of Watch Instantly! Wow! These new additions are: 


And that's pretty much it for the more modern, non-weird Korean media that you can find on Netflix.

I'm hoping that they add a lot more, including variety shows. Because, as upset as I may be with Netflix changing their plans and raising their rates, I would actually feel as though I was getting my money's worth if they put up more things I actually want to watch. Plus, I would be able to watch Korean shows with my mom and cousin, who pretty much only watch Korean entertainment.

But, for now, it looks like I'll be able to watch 3 Korean dramas on Netflix... while the other countless dramas will continue to be watched at my other, more reliable Asian streaming media sites. :)

Oh, and what am I currently watching? Well, a LOT of things, actually. I watch several series at once, but the last episode I watched was an episode of My Princess. Check it out on Netflix, if you can. And, if you don't have Netflix, feel free to watch My Princess at :3


  1. I just learned about netflix getting these dramas recently too!! They have added a couple more (not all complete yet!)
    City Hunter
    Lie to Me
    Miss Ripley
    Bad Boy
    Tamra the Island
    Road Number one

    I actually just finished watching the 1st episode of Lie to me. I am so glad netflix is getting dramas!!

  2. OH WOW! Thanks for the heads up! :) Question, though... how are you finding them? Lol. Do you just search by name, or do you look in the Korean language category under Foreign... or? Because when I try to look, I can't find these! But if I search the title, I can. Like, I found Midas by searching for it, but not by browsing their database. :( I hope I don't have to search every title just to see if they have it. Hehe.

    Thanks again!

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