Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grain-free Banana Pecan Muffins & A Paleo Documentary

I made a batch of grain-free Banana Pecan Muffins earlier, and they were good! I got the recipe from a blog called Gluten Free Real Food, after first spotting it on She originally forgot to put down the temperature, but I guessed... and I guess I guessed right! :P She has since updated her blog to reflect the oven temp (thanks so much!).

And yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you... these are actual, good quality pictures of MY VERY OWN batch! *gasp*

I had a bunch of camera equipment checked out from school today (well, less than usual, but it always seems like a bunch to me), and figured... hell, why not use the Canon T3i to shoot some pics of the recipe I just made to put up on my blog?

Better than my usual camera phone pics, don't you think? ;)

And here's one I ate with butter... *drools*

What did I have equipment checked out for? Why, thank you for your curiosity good person. :)

I'm actually in the midsts of putting together a documentary about Holly Woodcock,

blogger at I recently discovered her blog after googling about, and wondering if there were any people in the Sacramento area that ate a Paleo diet.

Probably not even a week after finding her blog, an instructor in one of my classes prompted us students to film a documentary about something that meant something to us (yeah, not vague at all) and that was interesting to us. My mind immediately went to Paleo. Well, it also thought about the beauty of Indian weddings, but doing a documentary on Paleo seemed more helpful and lined up a little better with my diabolical plan to infuse the minds of the masses with helpful information about how they could change their lives for the better and eat healthier and, in turn, live healthier...

At first, I thought really big... I thought of sending emails to all of the Paleo gurus that I could think of that lived in Northern California -- Sarah Fragoso and Robb Wolf, and Holly Woodcock came to mind (Holly probably doesn't think of herself as a guru, but I do!) -- and shoot more emails to people like Mark Sisson, William Davis, Loren Cordain, Melicious, and the Whole9 crew.

The problem with this grand idea is that the documentary is only supposed to be 3~5 minutes long, and is due in a couple weeks. So... I had to narrow it down. Plus, the more I mulled over my options, the more I started to focus on Holly. Holly is super-local, down to earth, and blogs about more than just Paleo and Crossfit... like her goal of reading 75 books this year, and girly things like style and fashion

Holly's approach to weight-loss, Paleo, Crossfit, cooking... it's all so practical, real, and devoid of unnecessary fuss or dogma. I felt like her voice was the voice I really wanted to focus on for this documentary. The documentary is as much about her and her approach to Paleo/Crossfit/weight-loss as it is about the concepts in and of themselves, in relation to normal, everyday people.

I want to show people that Paleo is possible for everyone... and that it can be tweaked and molded to fit all bodies and all lifestyles.

So... I had my first interview with Holly earlier this afternoon!

This is me, looking kind of awkward, below :)

And this is Holly getting interviewed! Isn't her house beautiful? The natural lighting was PERFECT.

Today was her initial interview and some footage of her cooking a delicious sweet potato hash, some of which I brought home and ate for lunch (it was YUM!) with some leftover chicken. The next interview will mostly be footage of her at American River Crossfit.

And the best part? The documentaries that we submit to class are all going to be submitted to KVIE, the local PBS station, and have a chance of getting aired on Rob on the Road's project, You on the Road. So who knows? Maybe I will, in fact, contribute in my own little way to the spread of Paleo? 



  1. Making a documentary sounds so interesting! I'm trying to get my son to make a documentary about the Victorian homes in our neighborhood.

    :-) Marion

  2. Wow, I love Victorian homes! If your son ever gets around to making the documentary, I would be very interested to see it. :)

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