Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yesterday, Today, And I Lost A Pant-Size

Last night I think I went to bed around 7PM! I must have, because I woke up at around 3AM. When I'm uninhibited by anxiety, the random urge to "just stay up late!" and alarm clocks, my natural inclination is to sleep 8 hours. It's pretty cool, actually. Well, except for the fact that I've been going to bed way too early lately, which means also waking up way too early (hence the waking at 3AM). And then I repeat the cycle again... and feel worn out again by late afternoon or too-early evening. The night before last, I think I went to bed at 5PM. YIKES. (And I keep saying "I think" because I'm literally just passing out... my cousin and brother even told me I was responding to their conversations and saying things -- I don't remember this.)

The weird sleep schedule isn't really helping much either since the new quarter started at school. Yesterday I found myself falling quite heavily asleep in my 1-5 class. -___- (yesterday was also the first time I had even seen the movie When A Man Loves a Woman (starring Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia), and I REALLY liked it! I was floored by the deep love -- both romantic and familial -- that was being portrayed... I actually teared up a few times and tried to play it off like I was rubbing my eyes, because... well, crying in the middle of class is just silly. And actually my left eye really was leaking a bit from exhaustion... [really, it was.] Sadly, I didn't get to watch every minute of it, because my professor skipped through parts due to time constraints. I should check to see if Netflix has it.)

Prior to my 1-5 class, though, I was full of energy at my 8-12 class (Magic & Ritual). It was fun! Well, besides the fact that I got to school late (I missed my exit. Totally lame.) When I finally got there, and was on my way inside the building when I noticed a group of people outside. It seemed like they were doing something ritualistic or spiritual... it just felt that way to me, and something inside me screamed "THIS IS YOUR CLASS!" but I ignored her, 'cause inner me is crazy sometimes. But then I got upstairs and...

Empty classroom. With people's belongings still there. Shit. Well, I wasn't going to go back downstairs, and back out into the cold. I opted, instead, to talk to some of the Cage workers (the cage is where people at my school check out equipment... it's essentially an equipment cage.) and other classmates, three of whom were also in the same class. We waited. And waited. The class came back an hour later...

The professor later explained that they were doing a ritualistic cleansing with sage. It sounded pretty cool, and I regret not giving in to my curiosity... but apparently we'll be doing this every week, so I have other opportunities to experience it. The teacher for Magic & Ritual is super knowledgable in his field, and hilarious to boot, plus the other students in the class all seem very interesting. I know I'll have fun!

So yeah, that was yesterday, and today I got up at 3. I ate some leftovers (flank steak, homemade buffalo wings, salad), and "stumbled" the web via StumbleUpon, while checking my social media accounts, and downloading some workout routines. I also found some new music, and you know... random computer things.

I also made a yummy lunch:

Canned tuna with chopped baby spinach and diced roma tomatoes, with a side of deviled eggs (I accidentally typed deviled "potatoes" -- could this be a subconscious slip of my craving mind? Lol.)

I made some more mayo using Melicious' homemade mayo recipe, but modified it by using half apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg's ACV, because it is undistilled and still has the Mother in it).

Then, to make the sauce for my eggs and tuna, I added in random things to the mayo... like pickles & pickle juice, yellow peppers & yellow pepper juice, bell peppers (red, yellow, orange), powdered mustard, paprika, more vinegar, some olive oil, other seasonings, etc...

I think I'm going to try and get into the habit of documenting what I use and how much so I can share my spontaneous recipes with you all.

Anyway, it was veeeerrry tasty, both of them, but I couldn't finish (er, not that I was planning on finishing all of those eggs, anyway! Lol. I was just too lazy to put them in a separate plate of their own)

Although I was hungry, I think I was much more tired than hungry (even though I got 8 hours of sleep and woke up naturally), so I'm foregoing eating the rest of my lunch, and lying down instead. I'll probably fall asleep.

All have to "worry" about today is my Motion Graphics class tonight at 5:30... well, that, and making sure I workout today. It's been too long! Oh, but I still lost a pant size! Did I even mention that?? That's like, HUGE...

I LOST A PANT-SIZE!!!!!!!! From 20 to 18... (wait, is that actually TWO pant-sizes? I don't know how sizes work...) and a 15/16 is just a little snug!

Okay, now I can nap. :)


  1. Take care, Rosie.  The spirit world is real and dangerous if you tread in the wrong place.  Your class is dabbling with a spirit other than the Holy Spirit.  Ask for God's protection r/t to this class and do not open yourself to the evil forces present there.


  2. Thank you, Deb! The spiritual world is indeed dangerous, and I'd be lying if I said that sometimes my curiosity nudges my guard down. However, when that starts to happen, I always feel this little twinge inside of me, and I immediately put it back up & seek out God. :) That twinge MUST be the holy spirit.

    I will definitely be careful!

  3. Going from 18 to 16 is like 2 sizes because it is so much smaller. Very very good.

    :-) Marion

  4. Thank you so much for the information :) I am very excited!


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