Monday, June 25, 2012

WIP Excerpt: NIGHT

Totally raw, uncut, uncorrected excerpt from my work-in-progress, NIGHT. This hasn't been proof-read and there are errors. My story NIGHT is in its most roughest of all rough draft phases right now. I've been writing different scenes out of order as they come, and this is one of them.


(Copyright © 2012 by Esther Kim Cotton)

            Art and Mina were sprawled out on Art's large bed. Art was lying on his back, his eyes half open as he drifted off from exhaustion.
            Mina watched him as she went over Hypnos' files and smiled a little to herself. She had never seen Art in such a seemingly normal position, lying on his back with his gloved hands sprawled out on the bed beside him.
            She looked at the insulated gloves covering his arms, from upper arm down to the tips of his fingers and wondered if he wore them all the time, or only when he was around other people. Did he sleep in them, she wondered? Could he really never touch anyone ever, not even for a quick moment? Was there like a ten-second rule? She was pretty sure that Kane Corp. wouldn't have given her a thick packet full of rules if there was, but then maybe they were just covering all of their bases so that they wouldn't be liable if anything were to happen.
            Mina watched as Kane finally lost the battle with consciousness and his breathing grew heavy and deep.
            One of Art's hands was folded over his torso while his other was palm-up on the bed near her. Curious, she put out her right hand and hovered it over his. She could feel his body heat emanate from underneath his glove.
            Mina pushed her hand closer, feeling the heat grow. She wondered how close she could get without touching him, and wondered just how long she was able to actually touch him through his insulation before his curse could seep through his glove.
            Mina felt the warmth grow stronger and wondered if the curse worked purely on touch, of if there was a certain proximity as well... she was only millimeters away from touching him.
            "Stop." Art's voice was calm, as was his movement as he slowly slid his hand away from Mina's. When his hand was far enough away from hers, he sat up in the bed and gave her curious look. "What were you doing?"
            Mina shrugged. "I was just wondering..." Wondering what? She couldn't even explain it to him.
            "Don't do it again," he said and got up from the bed. He headed to the bathroom and shut the door, leaving Mina to wonder just what she had been trying to do, and why.
            "I don't even know why I did that," she said to herself. For some reason, she felt as though she wanted petrification. No, that wasn't it. She wanted something from him, from his touch. But she didn't know what. Nothing sexual, and it was more than curiosity. It was as though she needed something from him... something pre-destined and obscure. She needed to touch him for something, and she wasn't sure what.
            "This is so weird."
            Mina got up from the bed and left the room, leaving files there, desperate to get back to the safety of her temporary room.
            She felt as though something had just been controlling her, and it scared her. What was going on?


  1. I want to know what happens next...

  2. I do, too... lol. It's a work in progress. I know the beginning and the ending, but very little of the middle. :3

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