Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Alien Vegetable (Brussels Sprouts)

I've eaten them before, but have never seen them on their stalk until my mother brought them home a few weeks ago fully intact & on their stalk...

Such an alien-looking veggie...

 I had them with chicken drumettes a few weeks ago (these pics are old, but thought I'd share)...

I like Brussels sprouts even more now. :D

I Survived The Zombie Apocalypse!

So, the Running Dead Zombie Mud Run was on Saturday... AND I'M STILL SORE! For reals.

But you know what? I SURVIVED!

That's me on the far right!

That's right! All of the living were given 2 flags (2 lives) and I came out with one still intact! WOO-HOO! And no, it wasn't one that I happened to find lying on the ground & picked up (yes, some people cheated and did just that). It was my very own life. MY LIFE!

The mud run was pretty fun! Some of the zombies looked obviously fake... others were eerily convincing (maybe they were real?) And zombie or not, I was just terrified of losing my flags! I'm not much of a runner, but I'm a huge dodger. I was a sneaky little thing, to be honest. I did a combo of walking and running... mostly walking until I was within the vicinity of a zombie... then I'd look them in the eye, gauge how they were moving, and... BAM, I'd run & dodge & spin & escape (and run somewhat off course through brambles and uneven ground where I knew they probably wouldn't follow me...) A few times I'd hit them with some Korean-style aegyo and be all cute-faced and sad-eyed and ask, "You're not really gonna kill me, are you?" And yes, some of those zombies had hearts.

The Obstacle Course Map

I didn't participate in every single obstacle, but did most of them. I waded through pools of mud, climbed a wooden wall, and was bombed with blood. I didn't climb the hay pyramid though, because I totally didn't see it until I passed it! Then I looked at how far it was and was like... turn back? EFF THAT! I was so damn tired. Haha!

I did the course with my two friends T and E, and T also came out alive with a life, but E... I'm sorry to say died 4 times after having 2 lives given to her. It's okay, though, right?? We still got our free shirts, and opportunity of free beer, which the three of us declined because we're not much beer drinkers.

All in all, had a LOT of fun! Was hungry as hell, though.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Crossfit, Zombie 5k Obstacle Run, Upcoming Recipes & Foods


I know, right? I've been wanting to experience Crossfit for a while now, especially after my interview with Holly Woodcock for the short paleo documentary that I did on her and her personal thoughts and experiences regarding the paleo diet. My best friend, T, has been trying to get me to go as well (she said it was like pulling teeth!) Not because I didn't want to... but because I was scared to. I know it's ridiculous -- plenty of people do Crossfit and are fine... plenty of FAT people do Crossfit and are fine... plenty of UNFIT people do Crossfit and are fine. Who has died from a WOD in a Crossfit gym? I mean, maybe it's happened, I dunno, but for sure it's rare! And by no means am I the most unhealthiest person on the planet...

But you know... fear, anxiety, doubt. Wardrobe malfunction scenarios racing through my brain.

But no. No, no. No more of that nonsense.

I actually bought a pretty good deal for American River Crossfit on LivingSocial, but got a refund because I didn't want to go there alone, and the schedule conflicted with T's schedule. But recently T moved to Roseville, which is basically in my backyard. She said she was going to try out Rocklin Crossfit and invited me, because they have a 10-day free trial. Oooh! WOD with my BFF... at a nearby location... for 10 days... free? :D OKAY!

So that's where I'm going tomorrow! I'm super excited & super scared at the same time. ^^


This month I'm also going to participate in my first 5K! A zombie obstacle 5k, actually. The Running Dead Zombie Mud Run. Yes. THERE WILL BE MUD. And zombies. ZOMBEEEEH! (Every time I think of zombies, I always get that Cranberries song stuck in my head). I bought a voucher from LivingSocial for $29 (only 4 days left!), using my deal bucks from my ARCrossfit refund. The full ticket price is $75, so it's a great deal! I also get a free beer & a t-shirt. I'm not really a big beer drinker, but I think I might down it to commemorate the event. :) I mean when you're being chased by zombies through a 3 mile obstacle course, and come out at the end... MAYBE alive... why not??


So those are two fun things that I'll be doing this month, and I'm also going to blog more recipe experiments, and meals that I make & eat. :)

Tonight I'm going to make a grain-free low-carb cheesecake for dessert, and not sure what I'll be making for dinner. Last night I made hint of buffalo chicken drumsticks with roasted brussel sprouts. It was good! Can't wait to get home from school so I can cook~ I'm hungry!

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